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Major themes of novels by Ron Bitto


In his work Ron Bitto creates realistic fiction with believable characters who are facing the most difficult challenges of their lives.


Blind Sidetrack, is set in Houston and the international oil business in 1982.  The narrator, John Biondi struggles to keep his job as the market collapses.  He also has to maintain his personal integrity while working for a demanding and deranged boss.


Weddings and Funerals is set in the Midwest in 1971, and tells the story of the Chance family, whose 10 children have to pull together when their mother dies and their father falls into depression.

In Something Cool from Red Hot, Jim Monroe is the president of his own add agency, a loving husband and father, a devoted son, and a scratch golfer. But his comfortable life begins to unravel as his business begins to fail, hid father falls ill, and he's suspected of murdering a client.

Set in Chicago in 1934, Perfect Pitch tells the story of Albertine Kinderman, a young wife and mother who attracts attention with her beauty, musical talent and attitude. She plays piano at a night club, makes love to the Cubs’ centerfielder and joins her husband’s jazz band. Despite the Depression, Albertine is determined to dress well and stand out from the crowd.

In Gapinski Gardens, long suffering Ray Gapinski sees a moose in his garden and decides to change his life. He leaves a failed marriage and a stagnant law firm, only to find a fresh set of challenges.

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