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Six Shades of Green

Author’s note:

The Vietnam war was probably the most significant event of my generation, and I wanted to write a novel that dealt with the war and its impact. Tim Lonzo, a Chicago-born draftee, returns from the war, goes to a party at Georgetown University, and by accident winds up in the White House at two in the morning talking to LBJ, who orders him back to Vietnam.

In Saigon, Tim’s cousin, G. Patrick Kelly, a one-eyed Harvard graduate and CBS correspondent, is teamed up with Penny, a Cal Tech electronics genius who has arrived with the satellite transmission equipment to send the first live broadcasts from the war. When their helicopter is forced down in the jungle, Penny and Patrick are rescued by Tim’s long range reconnaissance patrol.

The novel also includes chapters set in Chicago in 1976, as Tim is fired from his job as a computer programmer and G. Patrick Kelly works as a TV reporter for the city’s sleaziest station. Tim tries to get his life started and G. Patrick uses his investigative skills to find a rich woman to marry.

I finished the first version of Six Shades of Green in 1985, ten years after the fall of Saigon. I’m currently revising and polishing the novel.

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