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Gapinski Gardens

Author’s note on Gapinski Gardens

Gapinski Gardens is a funny, touching novel about charming, middle-aged Everyman at a turning point in his life.

Ray Gapinski is an avid gardener who was created created "neighborhood arboretum" by planting roses rhododendrons and dwarf  conifers down the hillside next to his family's home.  This hobby has helped take his mind off his personal and professional disappointments.

For years, Ray Gapinski has stayed in a failed marriage to protect his daughters from their obsessive compulsive mother.  He has remained at his stodgy law firm to support his family.  By 2008, Ray is lonely frustrated and stressed. One evening, as Ray works in his garden, a gigantic moose walks between the flower beds. On impulse he begins an affair with a younger woman.  And he nearly dies from a heat stroke after a Saturday jog.  After these surprises, Ray decides to change his life, find love, reshape his career and hold onto his relationship with his teenage daughters and his sisters.

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