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Something Cool from Red Hot
Author’s note on Something Cool from Red Hot

The title of Something Cool from Red Hot comes from the theme from an advertising campaign, which the central character, Jim Monroe proposes to an unappreciative client during a golf game. After more than twenty years of working in advertising and related fields, I’ve grown to understand and appreciate the splendors and miseries of men and women who lend their creativity to help companies sell their wares. I used Jim Monroe’s profession as the backdrop for his mid-life crisis.

In the book, his advertising agency goes under, his father dies, he loses one of the nicest houses in the city, and things are so bad that one of his clients shoots another. But all is not bleak. Jim’s wife Mary Ellen is wonderful throughout the novel, his daughter Caroline is delightful, if temperamental. By the end of the novel, Jim’s son Eddie discovers that he shares his father’s love of golf.

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